First Image from G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation

Official image of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson from G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation.

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darklordzor2340d ago

Is this really official? I mean, this is the picture that Dwayne Johnson tweeted on his twitter profile a couple weeks ago. I wouldn't really call that official unless Paramount picked it up and re-issued it that way.

AO1JMM2340d ago

And what character is the "rock" playing?

JL2340d ago

He's playing Roadblock.

AO1JMM2340d ago

Hmmm I guezs I could see that. But didnt Roadblock have a gruff like voice?

Soldierone2340d ago

I hope its not as cheesy. I mean I liked the first one but the acting was terrible, the story was sub par at best, the visuals were terrible, and the actions the characters made were comical. It felt extremely amateurish to me.

Its GI a kid we had epic stories we played out, we had massive wars in our room....RECREATE those. I want to see massive armies in this one fighting it out. Big war zones and so on.

Also lets make sure to have 10 takes, and NOT use the first take...the acting was horrendous in the first film.

darklordzor2339d ago

Well with Bruce Willis and other genuine action film vets on the cast, it's already starting off on better ground in my opinion.

Soldierone2339d ago

You have seen All Star casts get in trouble with things like bad directing before too. Before long the actors just say screw it and go all around cheesy.

I also hope this doesn't turn into GI Joe: Expendables.....

nyobzoo2339d ago

cool, wonder when we were going to hear about a sequel

RyuStrife2339d ago

A wait and see approach. If it's actually real and coming.