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Disney Details Their D23 Expo

From TMP:

With Disney's big D23 event coming up later this month, they've now released a bunch of information on the event (who will be there, what's going to be talked about, and what to expect from the Expo).

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darklordzor2505d ago

I'm excited for this event mostly because Disney purposefully held The Avengers stuff back at SDCC in order to promote it more here. So hopefully we'll get some big news and maybe some more official pics (or footage) at D23. On top of that, I want to see more about John Carter.

Sahil2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

bigger than ever my ass, looks like the only thing they can show is already released content that were from the time when disney still was awesome

darklordzor2503d ago

Ha! Well they've got John Carter, The Avengers, and all the new Pixar stuff to talk about and show off. I think they've still got some big things they can do.

Grandclover2503d ago

Disney is....well disney.