Lost Hitchcock Feature Recovered in New Zealand

Classic videophiles rejoice; TV New Zealand reports that what is thought to be Alfred Hitchcock's earliest feature film project has be rediscovered.

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Megaton2417d ago

Was just reading about this on HuffingtonPost a little bit ago. I really wanna see it, even though Hitchcock didn't direct it.

Sahil2417d ago

There's millions of reels in the national archives in the UK that have not been seen or looked at for such a long time. Imagine what other footage is out there that hasn't been discovered.

alycakes2415d ago

I would really be interested in this also. I love watching his stuff. I still watch some of his short stories on tv late at night when they show them. The ones that have those ending that have the ending that want to make you go OhOh...that man had a weird sense of humor.

Grandclover2415d ago

The king of horror. The sutle chills this man could produce was legendary.