The Dark Knight Rises - Bane vs Batman Action Scene Captured in Images First of all. I want to stress that these images contain spoilers. Bail out now if you don't wish to see this action scene featuring the Caped Crusader. You've been warned!

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Sahil2031d ago

and the spoiling begins..

DarkBlood2031d ago

looks like the one guy pointed at the person using the camera lol

MastaMold2030d ago

I'm liking the way Bane looks

Winkle922030d ago

In nearly every picture, Batman looks REALLY high...

L6RD7BLU32030d ago

Bane look so stupid, he might as well be in Mortal Kombat with that outfit.

caseh2030d ago

Bane looks kinda...small.

I'm guessing he's not juicing up on the venom at this point.

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The story is too old to be commented.