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FTG-Nerd Review: The Smurfs (Movie)

Neil Patrick Harris, Hank Azaria and Jayma Mays star in Sony Pictures retelling of the children’s cartoon: The Smurfs. How does it stand the test of time in the “real” world?

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maxcavsm2515d ago

I can't even believe it scored this well. Gahhh

Batman52732515d ago

2.5 is a good score? This is actually lower than I have seen.

Soldierone2515d ago

I have yet to see a "good" review of this movie. Even the "good" reviews say a lot of negative things about it.

I guess Alvin and the Chipmunks making bank made other companies think they could easily jump on board..

smikey11232515d ago

It was a movie that, whether inadvertently or not, was good for the 3-7 year old range. So they did nail some of their target market. No it wasn't great, but if kids enjoy it and they are the primary audience how can it be that terrible?

f7897902515d ago

Because meanwhile adults are still able to enjoy other movies with kids as the primary target.

smikey11232515d ago

I understand that, and that is part of why it didn't get a higher score.

Batman52732515d ago

What is funny, I just got done watching 3 hours of the Smurfs on Boomerang. The cartoon was kind of crappy, so maybe the movie is not that far off.

Remember the Smurflings and Big Mouth? That's what I got to watch today.

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