Henry Cavill Finally Talks Superman

Henry Cavill who takes the lead role in the upcoming Man of Steel as Clark Kent/Superman has finally spoke of his involvement.

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listenkids2400d ago

Awesome, I see him doing well

morganfell2400d ago

I agree. He was in the running for Superman Returns. But I still think Routh is the guy for the role. This long deleted sequence has him not saying a word or even flying but there is something about it that shows what the film could have been:

alycakes2400d ago

I think so too. I don't mind waiting the extra time if it means we're going to get a better movie out of it.

darksied2400d ago

I know, right? *PLEASE* be a good movie :) No cheesiness, and a GOOD villain, and I'll be happy.

bebojet2400d ago

I hope we won't get SUCKER PUNCH for watching this movie.

Psychonaughty2400d ago

He's from the tiny island of Jersey which is my home, so please don't let us down!

Greyfoxdbz2400d ago

Really? he sounds totally english to me

Psychonaughty2399d ago

Well we sound totally English here to be honest even if were not!

jimstallone2400d ago

I Wish Nic KAge was superman

jimstallone2400d ago

Who would of thought Superman would be from the Channel islands! haha

Psychonaughty2399d ago

I feel the same way but I'm well proud!

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