The Trailer for The Walking Dead Season 2

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AMC has debuted the trailer for "The Walking Dead" Season 2, which premieres on October 16. You can also find the new Comic-Con poster here and three new images from the show by clicking here.

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Crazay2313d ago

That's the best trailer yet. 4 freaking minutes of teasing. I am so jacked for this show. Come on Oct 16th!!!

alycakes2313d ago

OMG! WOW! What else can I say?

Crazay2313d ago

seriosuly awesome trailer eh?

alycakes2313d ago

I'll double your eh and throw in a 'holy moly!'

Crazay2312d ago

I'm pretty damn sure that the scenes in this trailer are all from the 1st and maybe 2nd episode of the season with the final scenes of Rick running to the farm the end of the episode.

Soldierone2312d ago

Its the only thing that kinda bugged me. It kept fading to black only to fast forward like two seconds. Could of put in a quote or something.

However it has to be all from one or two episodes.

Soldierone2312d ago

That looked so awesome. I have to finish watching the rest of the first season and might actually try to watch TV because of this show.

Ive heard a a lot of good things about AMC shows, I might check out Breaking Bad too.

Crazay2311d ago

Dude!!! Next to TWD Breaking bad is one of my all time favorite shows. I admit that it took me about 3 episodes to get into but now I'm all over it and love every second. Especially since I heard that nest season could well be the final.

xVeZx2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

i think that was Herschel and Maggie at the end there....something happens to carl (not going to might be different from the comics anyway)and they find the farm

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The story is too old to be commented.