Mortal Kombat: Legacy Finale Coming Sunday has learned that the finale of the "Mortal Kombat: Legacy" digital series will air this Sunday, July 24th towards the end of Comic-Con on Machinima. To promote the finale, we've received the following image!

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Crazay2170d ago

Who the hell is that? Is that Smoke? Looks cool no matter who it is.

Soldierone2170d ago

I think its one of the robots, like cyrax (but not him since he is yellow) but the other guy. Could even be Sub Zero.

Crazay2170d ago

Smoke is one of those guys.

-MD-2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Smoke is Smoke. Cyrax and Sub-Zero are completely different characters.

It's most likely Cyrax (even with the lack of yellow) in the image considering they brought Smoke back in the video game reboot in human form instead of robot form.

Soldierone2170d ago

Is he? Honestly forgot if he is. He has lightning too?

Crazay2170d ago

No - He doesn't have lightning too which is why I'm confused as to who this might be. Maybe if I go back and re-watch everything I'll get a better idea.

alycakes2170d ago

Well I was wondering what happened to this...I knew it hadn't finished but no place to be found.

Christopher2169d ago

He could be receiving some Raiden lightning, couldn't he?

darklordzor2169d ago

That's what I was thinking Cgoodno. Maybe he's fighting someone. It looks like he is going backwards with his arms out (as if he just got hit), so that lighting could be originating from his opponent.

DarkBlood2169d ago

with the way his arms look and where the lightning ends it appears to me its being restrained

but thats just one idea in my head lol

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gaden_malak2169d ago

Looks like Masterchief with force powers.

-MD-2169d ago

If I remember right this is a Cyrax/Sektor episode.

darklordzor2169d ago

Yep, that's it right there!

Crazay2169d ago

Forgot about those guys. good point.

darklordzor2169d ago

I just hope it's not another 6 minutes long like the others. That's probably been my biggest complaint so far. I know it's a web series, but come least give us 10 full minutes.

Crazay2169d ago

Ya the length has been lacking for sure. It's still quite good.

Crazay2169d ago

Maybe It's Noob Saibot