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The Daily Rotation - 30 Minutes or Less Review

Anthony of The Daily Rotation wrote, "30 Minutes or Less was one of the movies that I was most looking forward to this summer because it looked as though it was going to have a hilarious plot, with a solid cast to produce it. I know we have had our share of R-rated comedies for this summer but I was hoping that this one would put the icing on the cake. Let’s just say that 30 Minutes or Less exceeded the expectations that I had for it."

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cody2oo2337d ago


Something fresh and funny, with twists, and well thought out characters,


MinimeJer052337d ago

Didn't realize you liked it that much lol.

stoofron2337d ago

You liked it that much huh?

cody2oo2337d ago

It is for sure in the top for summer movies so far :)

SRC2337d ago

I want to see this so bad!

cody2oo2336d ago

how is this not approved yet, its the only review for it. lol