Movie Cricket: Top Christopher Nolan Moments

Movie Cricket writes:
Christopher Nolan has only directed a handful of movies however they are jam packed with amazing moments which are defining the cinema experience for a generation of movie goers. Check out some of our favorite Nolan moments so far.

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jimstallone2502d ago

Just scenes from Inception could fill this list ten times over. In 20 years people will be talking about Nolan as one of the all time greats.

bigsyuk2502d ago

A list of top 5 ending ever would be filled with Nolan, the guys a genious!

alycakes2502d ago

Yes he is and the movie Inception is what convinced me. That was the most incredible movie. I had to watch it over and over. Just loved those effects and the dream was awesome.

lstnkids2501d ago

Arghh this just makes me want to watch the lot again