AMC's Walking Dead Season 2 Clip

Shock Till You Drop

AMC has delivered as promised, dishing the gory goods with a sneak peek of The Walking Dead season 2. This clip aired during the season premiere of Breaking Bad and we'd like to thank "Sean" for drawing our attention to it. Click on the player below to see Rick Grimes dispense with a shambling corpse.

You're going to hear a lot about TWD this week. Comic-Con coverage strikes this Wednesday, with a TWD panel planned for Friday, and we'll be there!

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Crazay2499d ago

HOLY CRAP!!! That was visceral and violent. This season is gonna rawk the house.

alycakes2499d ago

OMG!! What happened? Did they run out of weapons completely? I think it would have been easier to just walk away.

Crazay2499d ago

Its quieter to kill them without the weapons.

alycakes2499d ago

But it's quieter to just run or walk away and it's also less messy....and you might stay alive longer...that is if you run in the right direction.

Crazay2499d ago

HAHAH!! True but I suspect they have a camp set up near this location and they're just killing the stragglers. We'll see what the context of this scene is early in the season if not during episode 1.

xVeZx2498d ago

would have been nice to see something more story related than him beating the crap out of 2 zombies

alycakes2498d ago

I know what you mean. I want to know who's going where and who still surviving.

Crazay2497d ago

just re-watch the finale from season 1 and you'll see who's still alive.