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Naomie's Licence To Thrill

Mail Online Writes:
Miss Moneypenny, 007’s tart-tongued, flirtatious foil, is returning to the James Bond movies in the shape of Naomie Harris.

The actress met with Sam Mendes, director of Bond 23, earlier this year and is now in the final stages of negotiations to play the long-running Bond girl — although, strictly speaking, Moneypenny isn’t a Bond girl at all; she’s the assistant to Bond’s boss, M.

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alycakes2328d ago

I like her but I really can't see her as just doesn't fit. I'm also wondering what part Barden is going to play in the movie....if he's going to be a good guy or a bad guy...he plays a bad guy really well....

JL2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Definitely be interesting to see what Bardem does in this. He could be a great Bond villain.

alycakes2328d ago

Exactly what I was thinking...I'll never forget him from 'No Country for Old Men'. He will always be inprinted in my memory for that part where I hardly remember some of the other things he's done.