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10 Best Steven Spielberg Movies

Kevyn writes:

"As you are sure to notice from this list, I have a much greater love for Spielberg’s earlier work than his more recent ones. In fact seven of my top ten are films made prior to 1983. One could argue that the director’s more recent output is perhaps technically superior to the earlier work but one could also argue that in a way, these later films have less of a soul than the earlier films."

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Sahil2570d ago

Are you serious? Where is Schindler's List..

JL2569d ago

When I opened this and started scrolling through the list, somehow my browser lagged/glitched and completely skipped over #2. I was like "What?! No Indiana Jones?!" I was about to be seriously pissed lol

jony_dols2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

No Catch me if you can or Schindler's List?

And I've always had a bit of a soft spot for The Terminal as well....


I can't wait for Spielberg's Tintin!

JL2569d ago

I really enjoyed Catch Me If You Can. And I too really enjoyed The Terminal. Both of those I think I might have to put over Minority Report. At least Catch Me If You Can.

Problem is Spielberg has made so many greats ones that it is hard to narrow down.

zootang2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

No Empire of The Sun either, joke.

alycakes2570d ago

I didn't Duel was a Spielberg movie. I love that talking but tense all the way. You never see the driver of the other is so stressful to watch at first but then that was a long time ago....haven't seen it in a long time.

Sahil2569d ago

"I didn't Duel was a Spielberg"

I thought you meant I didn't Duel with

alycakes2569d ago

Sorry sometimes...I get ahead of myself and get dyslexia in my fingers when I type...(haha). Meant "didn't know it was a movie that Spielberg made"

tplarkin72569d ago

I haven't seen some of those movies, but I'd have to pick ET as #1. It represents the time period so well.

xtremegamerage2569d ago

I want jurrasic park 4 tbh.

That show fallen skies is awful, scrap it.

Castor2569d ago

Damn right, I gave it a try a couple times. It's horribly bland.

JL2569d ago

Falling Skies never intrigued me. I'm more interested to see how Terra Nova turns out (which he also executive produces).

VforVideogames2569d ago

what about super 8? it is a great movie!! now gimme JAMMES CAMERON 10 best movies.

JL2569d ago

He hasn't even directed 10 movies. Only like 8 feature length films. And of those, most of them aren't even great.