Drew Barrymore to Produce and Direct Young-Adult Thriller 'Heist Society'

Barrymore joins Denise Di Novi and Di Novi Pictures' Alison Greenspan as producers on the project, which Warners won last year in a multi-studio bidding war for the novel by Ally Carter. Screenwriter Shauna Cross is set to adapt.

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-MD-2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Honestly I think she's a good director. I really enjoyed Whip-It even though it was geared more toward chicks. Page carried the movie and Barrymore never let it drag.

She's going to work with Chloe Moretz soon too so that's exciting. Lookin forward to her future work.

JL2572d ago

I actually really enjoyed it too. Thought it was a fun movie despite, as you mentioned, it really being more geared towards females.

What's funny is I know two chicks that went out and got into Roller Derby because of the movie lol

alycakes2572d ago

She really is more so than an actor. I'll look forward to this thriller.

Sahil2572d ago

Is this gonna her debut movie as director?

JL2572d ago

No, she directed Whip It as well. This will be her second movie.