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Ron Howard and David Koepp Team Up For 'Spy vs Spy'

Remember Spy vs. Spy, the running comic strip of one-ups-manship between rival spooks from Mad Magazine? A live-action bigscreen version is moving forward at Warner Bros for Ron Howard to direct. David Koepp will produce with Howard and his Imagine Entertainment partner Brian Grazer.

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-MD-2346d ago

Live action sounds like a bad choice for Spy vs Spy. Hopefully they don't butcher it.

JL2345d ago

Yea, the live action part concerns me a bit, but we'll see. A Spy vs Spy movie could indeed be fun, though. Though, another thing about a live action movie is that I don't see how they'll really keep those character designs and make it look good. And those character designs are iconic.

Quagmire2345d ago

Hollywood really IS running out of ideas

alycakes2345d ago

I've always loved watching these spy vs spy guys just the way they were....I'm not sure I'm ready for a movie.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32345d ago

As much hate as Ron Howard gets, I still love him and his signature style. His movies embody Americana like none other. That being said, Spy vs. Spy? WTF? Is Howard in director's jail for some reason I don't know about? The last thing he's done was that dreadful sequel to The Davinci Code, this doesn't seem like a step in the right direction.

Whitepony232344d ago

Howard could pull it off....but i dont see it happening.

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