TopYaps' Top 10 Movies Based On True Stories

What we want in a movie is combination of some entertaining stuffs. A good script, pleasing direction, music and captivating performance. But sometimes the big screen energizes with the awesomeness of real dudes. The movies on this page of Topyaps are inspired by true stories….real stuffs of real dudes!!

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Defectiv3_Detectiv32451d ago

Nice to see Donnie Brasco getting some love. Great movie, probably Depps best performance - for once he showed some range instead of just playing a caricature.

JL2450d ago

Actually, I think Fear and Loathing is his best performance. Though, I can understand someone putting that under the "caricature" category. In which case, I have to say his performance in Blow still tops Donnie Brasco.

alycakes2451d ago

Yes, I remember the first time I saw that movie I didn't even know it was based on a true story until the end. When I realized that, I had to see it again. He was very strong in his acting in that movie for sure.

CobraKai2451d ago

It wasn't mentioned but I was surprised with Hollywoodland. I thought Ben-A-Fleck really made the effort to be George Reeves.

alycakes2451d ago

I forgot about that one but you're right and I really enjoyed that too. Ben did a wonderful job with that part. I had almost thought his career was over but that's when he starting showing that he was capable of acting.

CobraKai2450d ago

Yeah, and he ended up being an even better director

thebudgetgamer2451d ago

no raging bull is disapointing.

JL2450d ago

You're right. Gotta have Raging Bull in there. Great movie. I'd also have to add Ray in there as well. Jamie Foxx was awesome in that. And I'd definitely put that movie over a few on this list.

I do like the mention of Pursuit of Happyness and Catch Me If You Can.

alycakes2450d ago

There are a few that weren't mentioned that come to mind. At Close Range is one of them with Sean Penn.

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