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Fox's 'Daredevil' Relaunch Hires 'Fringe' Writer Brad Caleb Kane

From THR:

Brad Caleb Kane, a writer-producer on cult Fox TV show Fringe, has been hired to pen the franchise’s relaunch, which has high ambitions: Kane is being asked to adapt one of the most influential and acclaimed comic stories of all time, Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s "Born Again" run from Daredevil.

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CobraKai2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

I hated Daredevil, not so much cuz of Ben-A-Fleck, but cuz of Mark Steven Johnson's crappy "LA Film School" type directing.

artsaber2601d ago

Was one of the WORST Marvel movies IMO. It is in desperate need of a reboot.

Leio2600d ago

Remake this mess Daredevil deserve much better movie

alycakes2600d ago

My goodness...It wasn't that bad. It wasn't great but it was watchable. It does need to be redone though.

OSIRUSSS2600d ago

This Crappy movie gets remade . Yet no Spawn remake? Sigh....

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