The Best & Worst Prequels | Matt's Movie Reviews

With X-Men: First Class upon us, Matt’s Movie Reviews presents the best and worst prequels, and a snap shot of more to come.

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JL2605d ago

I like the mention of Paranormal Activity 2. I really like the franchise.

As for the worsts, I have to disagree about the Wolverine movie. It wasn't great. But I wouldn't call it a horrible movie either.

darklordzor2605d ago

I don't know, I'd have no problem calling Wolverine horrible. It was one of the only times I felt like walking out of the theater (something I never do).

JL2604d ago

Really? Made you want to walk out? I didn't at all find it that horrible. In fact, I just watched it last night again cause it came on HBO. Definitely not the greatest, but I wouldn't call it horrible.

Kurylo3d2605d ago

I actually really enjoyed wolverine. The only things i can say i didnt like about wolverine were the continuity of gambit being in the wrong time period... and the fake deadpool at the end. Im glad the other ending after the credits shows that it really wasnt deadpool that it was some sort of clone.

alycakes2605d ago

I liked wasn't the best but it was good. I agree about Deadpool too and I hope it was some type of clone because weren't they suppose to do some type of spin off with him in it? Anyway Wolverine is cool in my book and I'm looking forward to the next one. Hopefully they have a better story to tell but none the less I'll be there to watch it.

Nes_Daze2604d ago

I agree with TCM: the beginning, being there. It was a bad prequel, with a horrible ending.

TheReflectedGod2603d ago

lets just hope the hobbit is among the best!!!

CobraKai2602d ago

I disagree with the Star Wars. I never liked the movies until the new ones came out and wowed me. After that, I became a Star Wars nut.