SNL Finale Features Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg, Lady Gaga "Three-Way" (VIDEO)

THR: NBC's Saturday Night Live called back Emmy winner and three-time former host Justin Timberlake to close out its 36th season, and despite opening the show with a song titled "I'm Not Gonna Sing Tonight", Timberlake could be seen stretching his vocal chords in nearly every sketch. He and Andy Samberg teamed up to reprise their "Mother Lover" and "Dick In A Box" characters for the Digital Short "Three-Way", an ode to the ménage à trois that featured the night's musical guest, Lady Gaga.

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-MD-2585d ago

Doesn't have a good enough beat to match Dick in a box or Motherlover but it had its moments.

"You guys are still here?" Lol. Good stuff.

Megaton2585d ago

Pretty good. These musical bits are pretty much the only things I enjoy from SNL.

Nes_Daze2584d ago

it only got a few grins or smiles from me until the end, lol @ helicopter.

alycakes2584d ago

I don't know what's wrong with my pc but I couldn't get the video to work. darn!

Syko2584d ago

The Liquorville skit won the night IMO. I literally LOL'd and woke the wifey up.

Cat2584d ago

All the skits in that series are the best thing he does when he's in the show, imo!

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