Olivia Munn & Alison Pill Close Their Deals For Aaron Sorkin's HBO Pilot

Deadline says

Olivia Munn and Alison Pill have now completed their negotiations for supporting roles in Aaron Sorkin's drama pilot for HBO tentatively titled More As This Story Develops.

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Megaton2471d ago

Well that's unfortunate. Munn ruins everything she touches, IMO.

mindedone2470d ago

Ouch, that's harsh. I know she doesn't make anything BETTER, though.

Megaton2470d ago

That might be a bit more fair. Seriously, though. AOTS died after she joined up, although I'm sure that can't be entirely placed on her lap. I don't like her bits on The Daily Show, either. There are much more talented people to use for those bits than her.

Crazay2470d ago

I have no issue with Munn - seems to be lots of hate for her these days.

mindedone2470d ago

I think it would be a lot better if it didn't seem like she thought so highly of herself.