Thor 2 Being Planned And We May Know Who The Villains Are

Cinemablend: Though it got off to something of a slow start here in America, great word of mouth propelled Thor to a second week at number one here Stateside, and even if it hadn’t Marvel’s latest superhero venture has already made $225 million overseas. Some (ok me) are even calling this the superhero studio’s best movie yet. So of course, that means sequel.

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-MD-2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

I've never read the comics but they look pretty beast. Especially The Enchantress.

Who would you guys want to play these characters if it turns out to be true? We got any Thor fans on this site?

darklordzor2563d ago

Not really. I never cared for the comics and was very surprised at how much I liked the movie. Since I don't know any of the other villains or characters, I have a hard time thinking of anything good or bad on these rumors.

Megaton2562d ago

So who here has seen the one that's out right now? Is it any good? Seemed to be getting decent reviews around here.

-MD-2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Haven't seen it but it's sitting at a 77% on Rotten Tomatoes right now. So yeah critics seem to be loving it.

Fresh: 179 | Rotten: 52

KonohagakureFC2562d ago

Meh Id rather the villain be the fire god Surtur or the Midgard Serpent... A really powerful enemy would make a nice change

Cat2562d ago

Ahhhh I still haven't seen the one that's out!! (somehow this makes me feel like someone announced Day 1 DLC, not the same, I know, but now I feel like I'm already behind!)

alycakes2561d ago

Go see's very good. It's too early to worry about who the next villian is going to be anyway.

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