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Mos Def Joins 'Dexter'

THR: Mos Def has finalized a deal for a multi-episode arc on the sixth season of Dexter, according to sources.

The actor and hip hop artist will play a hardened ex-con who claims to have found religion yet seems to continually find himself surrounded by violence. Michael C. Hall’s Dexter will reveal the truth of who he really is.

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-MD-1991d ago

Best news I heard all week. Mos Def is awesome. Hopefully his role has some depth and he's not wasted.

Nes_Daze1991d ago

He's an amazing rapper and actor, among other things.

ShAkKa1990d ago

I like his acting skills, he should be a nice addition to the series.

JL1990d ago

I think Mos Def is definitely somewhat underrated when it comes to his acting (as sometimes happens to musicians-turned-actors due to the stigma behind it). He definitely is really good and I've enjoyed him in everything I've seen him in.

-MD-1990d ago

Agreed very underrated both as a rapper and an actor. I think he works harder because of that though which is great.

I'd take Mos Def in a film over Ludacris or Bow Wow anyday.

JL1990d ago

lol I think Mos Def over Ludacris or Bow Wow in a film is a given.

-MD-1990d ago

I couldn't think of any other rapper/actors =p

JL1990d ago

Tyrese, Common, LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, Marky Mark (lol) and Will Smith are the ones I know that have actually done more than one movie.

Though, I think Will Smith reigns king in that whole realm of rappers-turned actors. Not even Mos Def can touch him there.

Quagmire1990d ago

He was great in The Italian Job and Be Kind, Rewind

JL1990d ago

Indeed. I really liked him in 16 Blocks as well.

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