Tekken CG-Movie in the Works

Namco Bandai announced this morning that a full-length 3D film titled TEKKEN Blood Vengeance is set to release this summer.

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-MD-2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Zero interest in a CG Tekken movie. They need to try making a (good) live action one first.

Megaton2628d ago

I doubt we'll ever see a "good" live action Tekken movie. Agree that a CG looks entirely uninteresting as well, though. I'm typically not a fan of CG to begin with.

OldSchoolGamer32628d ago

How about a Tekken vs. Street Fighter movie? I mean I guess we should first see how the game is like but assuming it's cool and the trailers sure look cool, maybe a movie would be good. I'll remain optimistic but realistic.

ShAkKa2628d ago

It can't be as bad as the live action film was but then again I could be wrong.

Megaton2627d ago

Never underestimate the suckitude of a video game movie. Approach them cautiously, and with great skepticism.

alycakes2628d ago

I don't think I would like it either. I didn't like the Resident Evil one like that.

ShAkKa2627d ago

Resident Evil: Degeneration was a huge dissapointment for me too, a real shame 'cause it featured two of my favorite characters.

fury432627d ago

Me to. I know I wouldn't want to see this. This is a big NO for me.

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