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Gman Reviews | "Fast Five" Has Good Action and a Bad Story

This film decided to work on the entire premise that we needed to take the back catalogue of Fast & The Furious characters and put them into a buddy heist film; i.e. Ocean’s 11.

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Megaton2096d ago

That basically sums up all entries in that series, doesn't it?

gmanreviews2096d ago

Well.. I'd say that #2 & #4 were bad action and bad story... but overall I guess it does.

Megaton2096d ago

I've seen 1, 2 and whatever number the Tokyo one was. I'd say decent/good action and bad story is pretty accurate.

cody2oo2096d ago

this one destroyed my shallow expectations, the car stunts followed by the ridiculous amount of crashes and real cars not CG.....SO awesome

plus Dwayne Johnson was such a bad ass.

Sahil2095d ago

As expected, bad story.. will pass this one, was disappointed with 4 :(

Christopher2095d ago

Going to see it this afternoon with the wife for Friday movie night. Can't wait for next week, though, since my movie options open up to some that I actually want to see.

sdtarm2094d ago

Oh man im so disappointed, the first Fast and Furious was so epic!

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