Avengers Script Leaked And Up For Sale

CinemaBlend says:

Proving yet again that people just don’t understand how little money there is to be made in movie blogging, someone tried to sell the Avengers script to a website. If they’d tried to sell it to one of those soulless AOL movie blogs, that might have made sense. They just fired all their writers and replaced them with off the books day laborers, so they’ve got money to spare. But these script thieves tried to sell it to an independently owned movie blog like this one, and rest assured, no matter how many readers a movie site might have, unless its owned by a corporate entity there’s barely enough to keep the lights on and pretty much nothing left to pay for questionable scoops.

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Crazay2705d ago

That's just a really dumb idea

fury432704d ago

I don't believe it somebody just trying to make money

Crazay2703d ago

there actually pictures of it out there that absolutely look legit.

Downtown boogey2703d ago ShowReplies(1)
alycakes2703d ago it! I'm a skeptic on this one so I would be like agreeing to meet on the side and see the merchandise to verify that it's real and then I'd probably turn them in.

can't stand people that ruin it for the rest of us.

Sahil2703d ago

Stupidity at it's best.. whose gonna buy it anyway? Tons of crazy people out there nowadays :)

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