Low-Quality Post-Credits Scene For Thor Revealed

Comicbookmovie: Captured in low-quality, the much-anticipated post-credits scene from Marvel's epic tale of THOR has found it's way online. With an obvious ***Spoiler Warning***, check it out!

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RobinGB2008d ago

Aaaaah so tempted must refuse!

MinimeJer052007d ago

Luckily that didn't make much sense due to me not seeing Thor yet!

Soldierone2007d ago


The cooler part, that i havent really noticed in other movies, the last thing on the credits states "Thor will return in The Avengers" thats rather neat.

Sahil2007d ago

That is way low-quality man, but useful.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32007d ago

What was in the suitcase? Is that the stuff thor icees are made of?

gaden_malak2007d ago

Something to do with Captain America.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32007d ago

More specifically (SPOILERS!)


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