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Dr Chris: "Movies involving a haunting of some kind or another have fallen to the wayside over the last 20 years or so. With the exception of Paranormal Activity 1, 2 and the upcoming 3 (which are more about demonic possession), we have been left with garbage like The Haunting in Connecticut and remakes of 13 Ghosts and other direct to DVD bullshit. 2011 has not been a great year for horror films either, but maybe that will change with Insidious; a horror film written by Leigh Whannell and directed by James Wan (both responsible for the first Saw film) and produced by Oren Peli (of Paranormal Activity fame)."

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JeromeChance2683d ago

I thought this was one of the best done scary movies to come out in a while.

MarronMarvel2683d ago

Awesome, I will definitely have to check this out!

NuyoRiquena2679d ago

Such a great movie! They put together a great team to create this film.

TheDCD2679d ago

Not really crazy about horror flicks...but all over this.

Nightminx2679d ago

umm yeah sooo not a fan of creepy scary movies.......