'Elfquest' Fans Take Movie Matters Into Their Own Hands in 'A Fan Imagining'

CA: A landmark of self-publishing and cult success, Wendi and Richard Pini's Elfquest is among the many independent comic book series whose translation to film could actually be pretty cool. The highly symbolic story of variously beautiful creatures in a philosophical struggle between tolerance and hate, progress and conservatism, and all sorts of crazy sex stuff, Elfquest movie rumors have existed for nearly as long as we can remember, and a specific project announced in 2008 has yet to materialize.

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-MD-2181d ago

Zero interest but wow @ 3:38...

Christopher2180d ago

So... male elves no longer exist? Cutter? Dart? Bearclaw? Freefoot? Many others?

Looks like another attempt at drawing in geeks with babes rather than an actual tribute to the source.

Cat2179d ago

I feel like I just watched Clippos Magnificos.

Crazay2179d ago

I would absolutely cross-species breed with those elves.

xVeZx2179d ago

lonelygirl looks incredible in this

KrimsonKody2179d ago

I used to love Elfquest! The comics (along wit Marvel, DC, etc.) is part of what inspired me to start drawing (and drawing overly-sized breasts, lol).

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