First Official Image from Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

Bloody-Disgusting says:

Shock rocker turned director Rob Zombie has released the first ever image from his low budget horror The Lords of Salem, teasing "I will say that the scene that involves this face is very painful."

From the producers of Paranormal Activity and Insidious, "The story is about a local DJ who mistakenly unleashes a hellish curse on the town. 300 years earlier on the very streets of Salem that the townspeople walk on today, innocent folks were rounded up from their homes, convicted of being witches and sentenced to death. The Lords of Salem ran the town with an iron fist, but four witches who were tortured and killed in secrecy vowed that one day they would be back for revenge."

Cast has been tight-lipped thus far -- but we're digging.

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Crazay2180d ago

I'm a pretty big fan of Robs visions. While this isn't very much for us to hang our hats on, I'm watching the development of this one very closely.

JL2180d ago

I agree. He's not the greatest director or anything, but I definitely enjoy his movies. I'll definitely be curious to see how this project turns out.

MojoOops2180d ago

Zombie should just stick to what he does best. music

Crazay2180d ago

Oh come on DUDE! There was absolutely nothing wrong with his vision of Halloween. I really liked it.

-MD-2180d ago

Halloween was pretty decent. I didn't even finish Halloween 2 though.

JL2180d ago

I do enjoy his music too, but he's a perfectly decent genre director as well.

-MD-2180d ago

Looks cool but what is it? One of those iron maiden things?

"Cast has been tight-lipped thus far -- but we're digging."

100 bucks says Sheri Moon Zombie is one of the leads.

Crazay2180d ago

She probably is but hey at least she provides 2 things. Eye candy, and she has no issue with showing her...*Ahem* Assets.

JL2180d ago

IMDb already lists her in the cast for this movie (the only one so far). Of course she's going to be in there, she's been in all of his movies.

Crazay2179d ago

that so means that we're gonna see some booobs in this one.

JL2179d ago

lol Of course we are. Haven't we seen her breasts in all of his movies so far? (or at least seen her naked in some form)

OSIRUSSS2180d ago

The Devil's Rejects is one of my guilty pleasures.

JL2180d ago

I definitely like The Devil's Rejects. And House of 1,000 Corpses.

Crazay2179d ago

I need to go back to those ones again. Beeen too long.