10 Most Heartbreaking April Fool's Movie News Scoops (2011)

With April Fool's day going on, the various movie news media sites are doing their best to prank their readers. TMP has compiled the list of the best and most heartbreaking pranks that have been unleashed so far this year on the film community.

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Soldierone2447d ago

LMAO Star Wars popsicles. Id actually buy one of those, but its followed by Star Wars Holiday god that would be absolutely horrible and still sell millions somehow haha. These are all pretty funny, good find and good read haha.

darklordzor2447d ago

Yep Soldier, it would still sell a ridiculous amount of copies if the Holiday Special came out. I seriously want those damn popsicles too!

Soldierone2447d ago

Being in AZ where its already pushing 100 degrees today Im so tempted to just do it myself. Hell Ill put up a stand outside that says "Star Wars Popsicle s" and sell em to the kids lol.

darklordzor2447d ago

I bet most of your customers wouldn't be kids...and you'd make a fortune!

hazelamy2446d ago

isn't ron moore doing a sort of magical police drama?
that sounds kinda like that aurors series.
17th precinct i think it's called.