Official Poster for The Hangover Part 2

Just over a month ago a teaser trailer hit the web for The Hangover Part 2 and today we are graced with a poster that shows Alan (Zach Galifianakis), Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and the drug dealing monkey.

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kay51492489d ago

Hmmm... This is interesting. I guess we will have to see how this plays out.

darklordzor2488d ago

Huh, not a bad poster all-in-all. It's definitely better than some floating head design. Still no Doug though.....

xVeZx2488d ago

yeah where the hell is doug lol.....anyway i hope people dont get there hopes up a lot for this movie....i doubt it will be as good as the first be honest the first one was really good but it wasnt THAT good...

JL2488d ago

I'll agree that it wasn't THAT good. I mean I did very much enjoy it, but it had this "greatest comedy of the decade" type of hype behind it, and it wasn't THAT good.

As for Doug, I have no idea why they haven't shown him. After that first teaser trailer, Justin Bartha came out to actually say that he wasn't lost in this sequel and that he would be joining the gang. So I have no idea what's going on.

darklordzor2488d ago

Yep, I was just about to mention that too JL. He says he's not lost in this one, but we have only seen one picture with him in it, and that's the one at the airport. If he's not lost, they sure as hell are trying to make it look that way.

FlashBack2488d ago

My theory:
They are the lost ones and Doug is looking for them.

darklordzor2488d ago

lol, interesting theory, but I don't think that'd work. It'd still be following these three guys, so it wouldn't make as much difference.

princeofthabay2488d ago

Memorial day?? That's on a Monday.