See Captain America Throw the Shield

SuperHeroHype says:

Entertainment Tonight showed the first footage from the new Captain America: The First Avenger trailer which gives a first look at Captain America throwing the shield! Thanks to our Forums members 'captainrogers', 'chewy' and 'RealIrOnMaN', you can watch the segment using the player below.

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darklordzor2044d ago

I hate these Entertainment tonight previews. They're so annoying with the announcer and titles they roll through them. What makes it worse is that the footage they show is always so good! So does this mean we'll be getting a full trailer tomorrow, or is it just some random footage?

Crazay2044d ago

I think another full trailer is poised any day now

darklordzor2044d ago

Well I'm hearing rumors now that it's actually supposed to happen today....I'm not sure I want to believe that and get my hopes up, but you never know!

Crazay2044d ago

Very interesting indeed sir.

darklordzor2044d ago

Yes....quite interesting :)

I'm hoping those reports are true. I'm getting very tired of waiting on this trailer Tired to the point that I'm getting worried there's a good reason they aren't showing anything.

Crazay2044d ago

Naw - it's all good buddy. It's just building the anticipation.

Soldierone2043d ago

You did see it right? lol It was released later in the day yesterday. I don't now if it was the same trailer or not, I dont watch this show. But there was one release.

darklordzor2044d ago

@ Crazay

I really hope that's the reason. You know, I wasn't really interested in this movie, but the latest pics and poster have gotten me there, but the lack of footage still nags at me.

Oh and just about everywhere is saying that the trailer will be out tonight now. Let's just cross our fingers that this happens.

Crazay2044d ago

Sources say Thursday is the day good sir. ET showed their footage and apparently there's more to come before Thursdays big reveal.

darklordzor2043d ago

Yep, I heard that soon after I logged off. Many I guess assumed that ET had the full trailer (that's pretty much what they did for Green Lantern and Pirates).

-MD-2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

The title to this article is hilarious (at least to me).

zero_cool2043d ago

if they screw this up they won't be getting my money that's for dam sure!

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