Werewolf Movies That Are Better Than Red Riding Hood On Netflix

Twilight sucks. Red Riding Hood Sucks. But Werewolves are still awesome and don't let any pouty faced, promise ring wearing, Jonas Brothers look-a-likes tell you different.

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Crazay2209d ago

You should watch Dog Soldiers.

HumanStark2209d ago

I'm ALL FOR Dog Soldiers, that movie is bad ass to the hilt. It just isn't on Instant Watch.

Crazay2209d ago

Really? It's on Netflix here in Canada

darklordzor2209d ago

I have to say, that I've never really cared for any movie with werewolves in them. Seriously, the only one that was entertaining was Underworld, and that's mostly about the Vampires. I'm just not as into their lore as everything else.

HumanStark2208d ago

Well, according to the text, that probably says something about your opinions on romance.

i guess.

probably not.

darklordzor2208d ago

LOL...not exactly sure what you mean there, but all right!

HumanStark2208d ago

It is the first paragraph of the article -_-