Charlie Sheen Demands $3 Million Per Episode to Return to CBS' 'Two and a Half Men'

The Hollywood Reporter says:

In a "Today" show interview, he says he isn't the one who should apologize: “They owe me a big one – publicly – while they lick my feet.”

NEW YORK - Charlie Sheen used his interview with NBC News’ Jeff Rossen that aired on Today Monday morning to once again call out Two and a Half Men home, CBS and Warner Bros., which produces the show, as well as show creator Chuck Lorre.

He even demanded a raise to $3 million per episode (he currently makes close to $2 million) if the sitcom returns. "Look what they put me through," he argued.

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Crazay2580d ago

I think it's official - Charlie has lost it. $3 Million an episode is INSANE!

-MD-2580d ago

2 million an episode is insane. This is just stupid insane. The show isn't even worth keeping around anymore. Charlie tarnished his image by saying nasty things to every outlet that would hear him out.

The show is done. If they bring it back and pay him 3 million dollars I'll eat my shoe.

Soldierone2580d ago

If they bring him back at 3 million i wont watch it. He will still have the attitude and the show wont have money to spend on other things. Why bother? let CBS lose money and learn to not put up with his bs.

Sunny_D2579d ago

3 million is the equivalent of a 30 second superbowl ad just to put things into perspective. 0_0

Crazay2579d ago

Pardon my french but that's some effed up shiz isn't it? I never thought of that.... Jeasus.

Soldierone2579d ago

Haha maybe he will make his own superbowl ad on how to party or something :P

Sunny_D2579d ago

Or how to avoid drugs, rofl.

Soldierone2580d ago

So. CBS should simply do a grand finale now. Take him completely out of the show, put the other two on vacation (like i said before) and finish the show. Bring him back for maybe one episode just to say goodbye.

If anything make a spin off with the kid .

-MD-2579d ago

Oh god no please no spin-off with that kid. He's not funny at all. Do the finale and call it a day.

Sunny_D2579d ago

Lol, no way. That kid was no where able to run his own show. The kid was more of an after thought. It was Cryer and Sheen who made it funny.

Soldierone2579d ago

Well if they are so desperate to milk it for what its worth thats the route id take it. Of course i much rather it just die now, peacefully as possible. You give him 3 million, he will just raise it further next season and keep causing issues day after day.

Crazay2579d ago

The kid is funny but not good enough to hold the entire show on his own. I could see them following him to college which could be fun but I doubt it'd go much more than 1-2 seasons.

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