ABC's Charlie Sheen Interview

Deadline says:

ABC News just released a promo for Andrea Canning's interview with Charlie Sheen, which will air on Good Morning America on Monday and Tuesday and as a 20/20 primetime special on Tuesday night. We now understand that there will be 2 promos for the interview airing during the Academy Awards telecast tonight.

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Crazay2456d ago

Am I wrong or does he looks almost sickly in this video.

-MD-2456d ago

It's all the booze and drugs.

Crazay2456d ago

He looks so old here.

-MD-2456d ago

Well he kinda is lol

Crazay2456d ago

He looks far older than his actual age would indicate.

Sunny_D2456d ago

The way he looking at the reporter seems like he wants to hurt her. D:

Sunny_D2456d ago

He's only 45! Younger than my dad and yet he looks older than my dad. Wow...

Soldierone2455d ago

I honestly dont know how the show will even keep him looking pretty to go on much further. ITs all down hill from here, not for anyone but Charlie. We will just have to see where the rest of the cast ends up.

Sunny_D2455d ago

Also, can you believe that the highest paid actor on television is asking for a raise? For what? For going through what they put him through. wtf? It's your fault you got all the attention.

Sunny_D2454d ago

Rofl, I saw the interview. He was asked, if he would do the drugs again? He says why not? Then she asked what if you die? He said I can't. Because I'm Charlie Sheen. Hahaha, what a riot.