‘Hall Pass’ and ‘Never Say Never’: Box Office Race this Weekend

Sha writes: It is likely that the Farelly Brothers ‘Hall Pass’ will be the box office winner this weekend. The movie an R-rated comedy is to face the competition for No.1 from ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’, as a 40 minutes director cut is added to the latter. This move is taken by the Paramount Pictures to encourage repeat viewing of ‘Never Say Never’ especially keep in mind the Justin’s female fan followings.

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-MD-2609d ago

Anything but Justin Bieber taking first place please. Anything at all.

Soldierone2609d ago

Justin Bieber in second :P haha thatd be hilarious.

-MD-2609d ago

He placed second on opening weekend. I thought that was pretty funny.

JL2609d ago

I'd say that yea Hall Pass will be taking the weekend.

-MD-2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

According to this http://www.hollywoodreporte... it only made 4 million on friday which isn't exactly great. I guess we'll see on Monday. I think being rated R is going to hurt it.

Soldierone2609d ago

R rating is going to kill it a ton. But its also geared toward an older audience. I expect Due Date style numbers.