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That Was Not 'The Office' Last Night - TheVoiceOfTV

For the past few years, Thursday night has been comedy night. Comedy night normally consisted of a handful of shows across a variety of networks. The main event normally has been NBC’s The Office, but lately TheVoiceOfTV is worried that The Office will soon go out of business.

If you have not seen last night’s episode “Threat Level Midnight” (aired 2/17/2011), prepare for spoilers.

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-MD-2616d ago

Looked, sounded and felt like The Office to me.

tunaks12615d ago

it was a hilarious episode,
and people complain about the show to much these days...

-MD-2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

I agree it's starting to get annoying. People do love to complain though don't they? Even people in my household hate on it.

Sunny_D2614d ago

The office is good. I really don't like comedies on tv where they have fake laughter in the background. Especially, the ones that sound sooo fake. The Office comes subtle, which I like.

Sunny_D2607d ago

The Office has remained one of my favorite comedy shows since it aired. I think their plan has stayed the same.