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Andy Serkis Signed To Reprise Gollum In 'The Hobbit'

Deadline is told that Andy Serkis has closed his deal to bring back Gollum in The Hobbit, the two films that Peter Jackson will direct in New Zealand starting in February. Serkis will join returning cast members Cate Blanchett and Elijah Wood.

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darklordzor2655d ago

I'm pretty sure this has been confirmed now, and I'm so excited about it. I'm glad they're going to be able to keep such continuity.

Crazay2654d ago

Color me indifferent. I don't deny the technological achievements in LotR but I really didn't enjoy it that much and have since tried watching it multiple times falling asleep each and every time. I still haven't made it through one movie completely

darklordzor2654d ago

Oh my gosh, I think you just broke my heart! I can't believe anyone can fall asleep during Lord of the Rings. Wow, I guess it really isn't for everyone, but this is the first time I've heard someone say that.

Crazay2653d ago

Kevin Smith says it best - "Its a movie about people walking"

He's not wrong

darklordzor2653d ago

Ha! That's true, but I guess it still shocking.

Soldierone2653d ago

I don't fall asleep and personally enjoy the movies, but you can only get so much. I mean you watch each one once and can't honestly go back to it again for at least a few months, if not more. Thats me though. I really enjoyed them a ton the very first time I watched them, but its no star Wars.

blur992654d ago

Andy Serkis did a amazing job in the LOTR films. The CG was equally as good. Golum felt like a real person rather than a CG effect. Glad to see him back. The Hobbit is a bit different than LOTR but great as well.

Crazay2654d ago

You're right he did do a good job. I can't imagine what it's like having to do what he did for so many hours for this role. I just didn't like the movies all that much. I remember really liking the Hobbit book so hopefully I'll enjoy the movie.

Soldierone2653d ago

I know LOTR was done as CGI and other tech specs were being developed, but in todays age do you think he will have the same effect? I mean they probably don't even need an actual person acting anything now, and the voice could easily be manipulated if he decided to not return.