On Screen Opinion: Top 10 DVDs to Buy This Festive Season

Dave form On Screens Top 10 pick for stocking fillers/gifts to buy on blu ray and dvd this festive season.

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-Mezzo-2647d ago

Soo good to see (Scott Pilgrim) on the list, it totally deserves it, highly under-appreciated movie this Year.

Sunny_D2646d ago

I liked the movie too. Much better than the other movie about being the facebook guy.

OnScreen2647d ago

Yeah it's an awesome film! Can't wait to see the behind the scenes!

-Mezzo-2647d ago

I own the Blu-Ray 2 disc version & it's totally worth it.

blur992647d ago

The Back to the Future set and Alien set would be a great item to have. Some of the best movies ever. The first 2 films from each series especially.

-Mezzo-2647d ago

I am a big fan of 'Back to the Future', i have the DVD version of the 3 movies but i never really felt like upgrading it to the Blu-Ray.

blur992646d ago

This is very good. Classic set of films.

-Mezzo-2644d ago

I might get it, This X-Mas.

Sunny_D2646d ago

I loved BTTF. I always will have the VHS for it. Still in mint condition. Always watch it after long periods of time. But, I will most likely get the Blu Ray version.

Deathmammoth2646d ago

Back to the Future, Inception, Toy Story 3, Scott Pilgrim vs the World and Beauty and the Beast are ALL great movies to buy/own on Blu Ray or DVD this year! :)

-Mezzo-2644d ago

I own all of them, Except 'Back to the Future', & i couldn't agree more, Plus add Toy Story 1 & 2 to the list.