Hayden Panettiere And Nikki Reed Join Downers Grove

Nikki Reed and Hayden Panettiere have signed on for the upcoming horror film, Downers Grove. The film, based on a script by satirical novelist Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho), from a novel by Michael Hornburg (Bongwater), tells the story of a Chicago high school that’s supposedly cursed: each year, one member of the senior class dies a bizarre death. Panettiere’s character is convinced she’ll be this year’s prey to the curse.

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darklordzor2961d ago chicks in a horror/suspense film; who would have guessed. Though I will say when I saw there pictures next to the title Downers Grove, my mind went in the wrong direction...

-Mezzo-2961d ago

LOL. Cleavage Garanted.

darklordzor2960d ago

It better be! I for damn sure ain't going for the acting and story of these films.

blur992961d ago

They are always a big help in these films or any films.

wildcat2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

My interest seems to have erected ever so slightly and of its own accord.