Third Tron: Legacy Trailer

The third official theatrical trailer for Tron Legacy has been released. While a lot of the footage has been seen before, several new clips make it in there. Fans finally get their first good look at the Light Jets and a much better feel for the story.

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darklordzor2259d ago

Simply can't stop watching everything Tron related at this point. Even though I've seen it all a million times, I can't get enough. Those light jets just look awesome and it looks like you get to see more of them here than we did at Tron Night.

Sunny_D2259d ago

I really can't believe that the dad is completely CGI! It's amazing how technology has come and to this day, I think Tron will definitely show the world where we are in terms of it.

darklordzor2259d ago

Yeah I know. When I first saw him I thought for some reason it was just a lot of make-up, but then I thought...there's no way. The effects are absolutely amazing on him.

blur992259d ago

The Jeff Bridges original was amazing and unique. Hope to see if this one pulls off anything close to that.

darklordzor2259d ago

I think it will and most likely will end up surpassing the original.

blur992259d ago

Classics are rarely improved in remakes.
I can't think of any.

JL2259d ago

Ocean's Eleven, The Man Who Knew Too Much (only Hitchcock can top Hitchcock lol), The Thing, Cape Fear and 3:10 to Yuma all say hi :D

darklordzor2259d ago

But this isn't a remake...this is a Sequel, in which case it's pretty common to surpass the first film.

blur992259d ago

Those are mostly older movies JL.
I try to stay from most older flicks. Some I like though.

Me and TCM channel are distant friends.
AMC is cool though.

-Mezzo-2259d ago

I am staying away from anymore trailers from here on forward, just want everything to be a surprise.

Cannot wait.

darklordzor2259d ago

Ha! I tell myself that everyday, but then something new comes out and I have no control over myself. Good luck to you!

-Mezzo-2258d ago

lol, you and me both, :P