DVD/Blu-ray Releases for the Week of November 9, 2010

Couch Potato Club:
In this weekly feature, we bring you the latest releases on DVD and Blu-ray for the week. Releases this week include Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Grown Ups, Charlie St. Cloud and a Criterion Collection of Antichrist.

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blur992955d ago

Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam sounds great.
The Christmas collection has some great films included.

darklordzor2955d ago

Yes! I've been really looking forward to that one. Though, with all of the DC animated movies they've been pumping out lately, it's been hard to keep up.

blur992955d ago

I saw Batman Under the Red Hood. Great cartoon movie.
I'm a big Batman fan.
Right now there isn't a good superhero show too watch.

Sunny_D2951d ago

I'm going to have to watch Superman again on Blu ray Hi def. Man, it should be sexy.

Sunny_D2951d ago

I'm going to have to watch Superman. It should be sweet to see it in H def goodness.

JL2955d ago

I'll be getting Scott Pilgrim, maybe Grown Ups, Antichrist and BBC's Sherlock Holmes Season 1. Just caught a half an episode of that Sherlock Holmes show last night and I definitely want to see the rest. I'm a big fan of the Holmes books/short stories and I really liked BBC's version.

blur992955d ago

The BBC chief was just on the Charlie Rose show( one of the best news shows on tv).
It is an interesting service. Now with the economic cuts in the UK I wonder how it will be change.

darklordzor2955d ago

Scott Pilgrim is a definite for me. This week actually seems filled with some good stuff. And it just keeps getting better the closer to the holidays we get.

-Mezzo-2955d ago

I have already ordered 'Scott Pilgrim' from amazon, i would have bought some more, but a little short on cash.