'Green Lantern': Unlike Any Superhero Movie You've Seen

Hollywood: It’s been a decade since Bryan Singer helped revitalize Superhero Cinema with his beloved mutant masterpiece, X-Men, but with the birth of each successive comic book film franchise, I often get the feeling that I’ve seen it all before. That sentiment changed when Warner Bros. Pictures whisked me away to New Orleans in early August for the coolest set visit I’ve ever been a part of: Green Lantern.

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darklordzor2702d ago

I really hope it's unlike anything we've seen. In truth, this shouldn't even feel the much like a superhero film. If anything it'll play out more like a sci-fi action film, since it deals with aliens and outer-space a lot.

Glad to see a lot of positive things coming out of this film so far. I myself have been feeling swamped with comic movies and am losing a lot of my interest (which breaks my heart). Hopefully this film will break that cycle, and give us all something different.

Soldierone2702d ago

Its still gonna have that comic book feel i just think it will be the biggest movie we have seen so far. It has a massive universe to explore, and an interesting story. The way it could be told could give it an entirely differnt feel, and im glad the director see's this too. Looking forward to it.

I also agree all the comic book films feel swamped.

PaPa-Slam2702d ago

I really want this to be a good one.

darklordzor2702d ago

You and me both. I love the comics and hope this doesn't suck.

Soldierone2702d ago

Lets just hope Hollywood doesn't jazz it up too much.

Soldierone2702d ago

Having alot of explosions, lack of story, focus on action more than anything. Making things look super pretty and putting no focus into the film aspects.

darklordzor2702d ago

I think for sure it'll be very pretty, but from all I've heard the story is pretty strong on it. In all be prepared for a movie that is action-oriented, that's just the kind of story it is. That doesn't mean the story around it can't be great, but focusing on the action isn't bad either.

Soldierone2702d ago

Other than a Justice League movie in general this is one of the more exciting films. Im excited to see the new Spiderman more, Ill admit, and if Superman isn't middle aged ill be excited for that too.

darklordzor2702d ago

As cool as it could be, I'd rather not have a Justice League movie. Unless they can get all of the same actors and develop the continuity between all of the films (like Marvel is doing with Avengers) I say leave it alone.

As big a Spiderman fan as I am, I have little hope for the new reboot, and Green Lantern is currently the highest comic book movie on my watch list right now.

Soldierone2702d ago

Well I know the Justice League movie is going to happen one way or another. If im not mistaken there is hints of it in contracts that actors are signing for all the movies. I dont see any other reason as to why WB is suddenly releasing all the major heroes of the League.

There was even hints of a Batman/Superman movie coming, with Nolan being apart of it.

darklordzor2702d ago

The Nolan Batman/Superman film has been nothing but a rumor for a long time. Hell it was rumored back before Nolan joined on and before Superman Returns even came out. Christian Bale on has a Batman movie in his contract, and nothing has been secured on that for a team-up movie.

Would I love for that to happen? Yes, but unless they can keep the same actors and continuity going, I'd have to say drop it...but of course the studios will do whatever they want anyway.

Soldierone2701d ago

The thing is, other than Christian Bale who would be troublesome? His contract is ending and Im sure he will want more money. However all these other films are rebooting, why cant WB just throw a JL clause in their contracts when signing them. Plus if Routh is Superman and Reynolds is Green Lantern, thats two people very dedicated to their role that would love to return. They just need a few more people like that.