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Clint Eastwood, long a critics' darling, is perhaps the most internationally lionized living movie director. His new film, "Hereafter," is also his most "European." It's trying very hard to be moody and intuitive and ruminative – all those things that American movies aren't supposed to be.

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Soldierone2737d ago

Ouch, so much for being on the fence for this one. It even took a dip in user reviews over the weekend. Looks like ill be waiting for a Blu-ray release.

darklordzor2737d ago

Agreed, I was kind of on the fence from the first couple bad reviews, but not so much anymore. It's overall rating on every website is dropping fast.

Soldierone2737d ago

Yeah I watched it drop 5 percent as i browsed for movies on my phone lol. It has live updates with reviews and what not, its now like 15 to 20 percent drop after the weekend.

darklordzor2736d ago

It just keeps on dropping too, I'm sure. Isn't technology awesome. You can see instantly just how much a movie sucks...on the go!

darklordzor2737d ago

Yet another review that doesn't make this film look good. Seriously, I don't think I remember a Clint Eastwood film, that got this many critical slams. I was really going to go see it for myself, but even the people I know and trust as far as films go are telling me nothing but bad things.

Soldierone2737d ago

I just think its because its not a theater experience like most Eastwood films, he hasnt done a theater experience in a long time. His older ones are perfect for theaters, his new ones arem ore geared towards DVD. He also cant go straight to DVD because thats degrading. I also think he is cooking something big up for the future.

darklordzor2737d ago

I sure hope so. I don't want to see him peter off into nothing, because he's a very talented director. I thought Gran Torino was geared towards the theater and was a very good film. Let's hope he gives us another great film before too long.

Soldierone2737d ago

Well Im talking something like action scenes and what not. Like True Romance and Pulp Fiction. The only bad thing he does is have alot of dialogue, which gets super boring. especially in films like this.

darklordzor2737d ago

I think it depends on the story, because the dialogue in his films are what I love. Like Mystic River. Tons of dialogue but the movie wouldn't have been good without it. I loved that film.

Soldierone2736d ago

We were always taught to run a film so that i can be watched without audio and still have the story come across. I like dialogue to an extent, I just hate explaining dialogue. You know two people sitting at a table talking, basically telling you whats happening and why. Just show us, I dont want to study the movie, i just want to watch it.

darklordzor2736d ago

That's an interesting point, but the thing you have to remember about film school, is that you're there to learn the basics and rules of film. Once you know them and have them down, then you can learn how to break those rules and use them to your advantage.

I worry because you always bring up what you are being taught in film class. Four years of film school on my end, and while I always look back to my training, it's important to grow on your own and figure out how YOU want to do films. NEVER forget your basics, but start to develop your own theories. Just because film school teaches you one thing doesn't mean the rest is wrong.

Not trying to be mean or condescending, really just trying to be helpful. I've been in the industry and worked that way, believe me it's not what film school teaches. It's like anything in art. You have to use your own voice and build upon the basics you learn.

Soldierone2735d ago

Yeah I totally agree, Ive yet to get a chance to do anything in the industry or make anything big on my own. I just bring up things im taught that I agree with. He always tells us their are exceptions and what not, but usuelly I agree. Like the dialogue thing. when I write movies I always avoid dialogue when possible. I make it flow and use it as needed of course, but ive never had more than a page and half of nothing but dialogue. Even when they are talking i have them doing stuff.

Its mostly because when im watching them myself, these parts always bore me alot.

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