The Trailer for The Incredibles Blu-ray

SuperheroHype: "On Wednesday, we mentioned that Pixar's The Incredibles will be hitting Blu-ray in Spring 2011. Now here is also the trailer for the Blu-ray that is included with the Toy Story 3 Blu-ray on November 2."

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Soldierone2674d ago

I know there isn't alot of Incredibles fans on here over other Pixar films, but enjoyed it and will be picking this up.

Like always I think there is something deeper here too. Maybe testing the waters to see if a second would gain interest, or possibly a short series on Disney channel.

JL2674d ago

I would much rather them start a series on Disney channel or something. I'd just rather not have Pixar add another sequel to their lineup lest they start becoming too focused on sequels at putting those as more of a priority than coming up with original movies.

Soldierone2674d ago

I'm thinking there will be a short mini-series when the Blu-ray releases. I was kinda hoping this would turn into a TV show though, as its more suited for that. Its a comedy superhero movie, and there are tons of stories to tell. So there is plenty to work with as a TV show, but has any of the Pixar movies turned into shows?

Also I wouldn't worry about originals either. Pixar usuelly builds up a bunch of titles and doesn't do them till they are nearly perfect and the technology can handle them. Like Wall-E was supposed to be out before Toy Story, but the technology couldnt do the textures or anything so they put it away. Texturing Toys is way easier.

darklordzor2673d ago

I don't know, I think a TV show wouldn't do it justice. That would then make it just like any other comic book hero show. Incredibles was so much deeper than that.

firefoxprime2674d ago

Sorry Soldier...but your dead wrong.

Hehe...The Incredibles is my favorite pixar movie ;)

The fact the movie could relate to anyone in the whole family was just amazing...great comedy, fast paced action scenes...plot twists...list goes on.

Soldierone2674d ago

I was mentioning how JL and some others said they didn't like the Incredibles in other related topics, which they have expressed alot before when I brought it up. lol

JL2673d ago

It's not that I didn't like it per se. I've enjoyed all Pixar movies really. Just The Incredibles is probably on the bottom of my list as far as Pixar movies go.

darklordzor2673d ago

Agreed, there is plenty to love in this movie, but like Solider said, a few of us had been talking in other discussions, and many people had expressed that this wasn't their favorite.

It's funny to me, that we were just talking about this film's need to come to blu-ray (along with a few other Disney titles), and now we get the announcement. Yay!

Soldierone2673d ago

Yeah I was thinking that too. Disney much be watching us closely haha.

darklordzor2673d ago

Ha! If that's true then maybe they heard our talks of films that need a sequel!

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Kiri2674d ago

I liked The Incredibles until they changed the name to No Ordinary Family

Soldierone2674d ago

They never changed it....that was just the slogan for the film. Unless its differnt in some other country.

Kiri2673d ago

Of course they never changed it... NoF is an ABC show with the exact same background and plot... Doesn't have anything else to do with the incredibles except for the fact that its stupidity made me hate the incredibles as well.

darklordzor2673d ago

Ha! Great remark, and when that TV show came out, this movie is the first thing I thought of. That's why I started watching the show, but overall it's lost my interest now.

Soldierone2673d ago

Wow Ive never heard of that show before, then again i dont watch alot of TV haha.

darklordzor2673d ago

It just started up at the beginning of this season, so it would have been easy to miss out on.

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darklordzor2673d ago

I'm a big Incredibles fan, and think it was definitely among their best. I would love to see them do something more with this property, but maybe not a TV show. I'd be happy with another film, or even a couple shorts to play in front of over Pixar films.

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