Elwes, Mandylor, Russell & Greutert on Saw 3D

ShockTillYouDrop: "Twisted Pictures has made the Saw franchise a Halloween tradition. For six years, beginning in 2004, audiences have watched with astounding fear as each new Saw movie was unleashed in theaters. However, this next chapter for the Saw franchise will be the last. Saw 3D completes the work of Jigsaw, a maniacal madman who has been torturing his morally flawed victims utilizing deadly games and tests. The final Saw chapter promises to end the series on a high note with fans and hopefully, give closure to those who have been faithful to the series from the start."

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Soldierone2825d ago

Personally I lost interest in this series after the first one. The ones that came after didn't grab my interest anymore, and they try to hard to mess with your head. This is the whole reason why the horror genre is nothing more than killing people in brutal ways, and I hate it. Paranormal Activity is a good example of a good horror film, hell no one even gets slaughtered at all in those movies.

BTW I keep hearing "the last in the franchise" is this the last Saw? I thought they were doing 13?

darklordzor2824d ago

Nope, the directors have come out in several interviews over the last several months saying that this film will wrap up the entire franchise and that they have no interest in doing any more.

I'm glad they are going to actually end it though, as many fans felt it was starting to go stale. Any franchise needs a break, but Saw never got one, they just kept pumping them out. It's ready to go away.

Soldierone2824d ago

It was ready to go away after the 3rd one. The only issue is I liked their gameplan of doing 13. If they were creative it could of made it.

darklordzor2824d ago

I don't remember that being their original gameplan. I know in recent interviews they've been saying that they always intended to stop on this film. Of course they always change their tunes though.

darklordzor2824d ago

It's amazing to think they've been able to keep up such a steady production pace and hit that target date every single year. The thing with 3D in horror films, is that there's no way it's NOT a gimmick. 3D horror is almost synonymous with gimmicky movies. Hell 3D itself is still a gimmick for the most part, so it's inclusion in this film isn't any different.

Soldierone2824d ago

Yeah, very few movies have ever done anything impressive with 3D. The only impressive one ive seen this year is Resident Evil, Avatar didnt even do anything for me. When all you can advertise about your new horror movie is gore and 3D, you lost my interest.

darklordzor2824d ago

Hmmm....I wouldn't have picture RE pulling it off that well. Even so, based on what I've seen of the TV commercials for Saw 3D, it even looks like they're advertising it as a gimmick.