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"Paranormal Activity 2 definitely sets the bar for getting into the Halloween mood ; with great scares, suspenseful action, and moments throughout the movie that cause a fright that will surely have you leaving the movie theater scarred."

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darklordzor2197d ago

So it is a prequel! Damn...I was really hoping it wasn't, but I guess it makes sense. I was just really hoping to see what happened next. Oh well, this review is pretty positive, but based on the reactions, I might have to wait and watch this from the comfort of my own home so I don't scream like a little girl in front of a movie theater audience.

Soldierone2196d ago

Don't know what to say now. Good review, made me want to see it a little bit more. Yet im sad that they decided to go the route of a prequel....Why? The story after is so much more interesting, it just would of took more effort.

kooleybear2196d ago

It's worth to see the prequel of this movie because if you've seen one, you'll be awwww thats how it all happened.

Soldierone2196d ago

Yeah lol, those films are usuelly like that. I just think a film like this is better left with un answered questions for a while. Like I said doing one after the first film would be more creative and hard to do, along with still having some un-answered questions to keep you thinking. I guess we will just have to wait for that one though.

darklordzor2196d ago

You're absolutely right. A paranormal film, that relies so much on the unknown is better left with some unanswered questions. While it's interesting to know how it all started, it wasn't exactly a driving force for the fist film (yes Katie's history of hauntings comes into play). I would have much rather them go with a sequel, because now that Katie is possessed and on the loose, what happens? That's the story I want to see.

About to head to my screening!

JL2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

I'm not going to read this review, simply because I want the movie to be as new as possible to me when I see it, but I do want to add something here.

Here's the problem with a sequel: there were several endings to the first movie. Depending on which ending people saw, it would have a totally different effect on what would be expected/needed for the sequel.

For instance (***SPOILERS**** in case someone hasn't seen the first): Dark mentions it would've been interesting to see Katie on the loose and such. However, if you were one of the people that watched the "alternate" ending, you see that Katie is dead. This is the ending I liked much more to conclude the film. It provided better closure to the film and really wrapped it up nicely in all areas as well as providing a much better payoff for all that tension that was built up. So in this case, where do you go with a sequel? How do you explain her being alive in a sequel to those that saw the alternate ending.

And from what I understand, several places got different endings. For instance, another ending (which is said to be the original-original ending) was that police come and they end up shooting Katie...again, she's dead.

Then you have people that saw the theatrical ending in the US where she's still alive and such. can see the problem of continuity that would present itself when making a sequel to this type of movie.

Soldierone2196d ago

were they regional endings or was it seriously based on how you watched it or where you watched it (theater etc..) I watched it on Netflix and she basically just looks at the camera and turns into a demon then runs out of the room. Which is why i want to see a second one.

That and even if she is dead, midway through the first one they explain about how the demon can transfer to other bodies. How the girl on the internet died because they tried to rid of the demon, so now its following Katie. So they could use that too.

JL2196d ago

The way I understand it is that the movie had an original-original ending. This was what was shown at the film fest it premiered at. Then Paramount bought distribution and made them re-edit some stuff and re-shoot the ending. This resulted in an all new ending for the theaters (the one you saw). Then when it came out on DVD there was an alternate ending put in. Seems too that I heard some international people got the alternate ending as their "original ending"..not sure on that. In total though there's like 7 endings to the movie (some of which never even saw the light of day).

And yes, I understand they could do a sequel and just explain her death away there or something. Of course this would be redundant for those that already saw those endings. Then you still have continuity issues with describing how she died (original-original ending she was shot by cops, alternate ending she killed herself, or rather the demon made her kill herself). Thus, you can't come into the sequel with a backstory like "yea she slit her throat at the same time that cops shot her" or something crazy like that.

And also, my bringing that up was more in reference to Dark saying he'd like to see the "what does Katie do now that she's on the loose" type sequel.

darklordzor2196d ago

I never knew about that other ending. I only saw it in the theaters, and never caught that first ending. Well crap...that would change things quite a bit, but you know movie studios, they can choose whichever continuity they want to go with. I will say her death does sound like a much better conclusion to everything.

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JL2196d ago

Yea, I originally watched the theatrical ending and liked the movie. Then watching the alternate ending, the movie just went to another level for me. It was like the perfect ending for that movie. Well, ok, not perfect, cause there were a few things I would've done different in the movie, but was the best and the only choice I believe. Should've been the original ending.

After all the building of tension. The ebb and flow of it. Slowly building up more and more. The alternate ending provided a much more in-your-face violent ending that seemed a much more fitting payoff.

Soldierone2195d ago

I think the new ending was put in to creep people out, but also lead to a second film. Paramount isnt thinking about the other ones, most people only saw the theater ending so it would work.

I think the original ending was because of the original intent, how people are haunted and possessed etc...Its a story based like that, the lack of credits and what not all made it too real.

kooleybear2196d ago

Yeah I tried to write the review without trying to spoil the movie, or give any details. I wrote it to tell newcomers that this movie is a blast and great to watch. :) As well, having spoiled things that are good is always a bad thing.

Soldierone2196d ago

I have a questions if I may,

Is this movie just like the first one? In a sense that its still introducing characters and talking alot, with expected cuts to show something happening? Or does it actually suprise you with things happening. Like the thing I hate about the first one is its all planned and it feels planned. They set up the camera, that creepy noise starts, something happens, then repeat. I wanted it to be more haunting than it was.

kooleybear2196d ago

I don't want to spoil it , but its nothing like the first one because it's a lot different, the story is interesting, and its really freaky that is fun to watch.

JL2196d ago

See that's part of what I thought was almost genius about the first one. There was all this building up like something was going to happen then they'd cut it off and just repeat without anything really bad happening. Then each cycle they just ramped it up a slight bit more. Things were expected, yes that was the beauty of it though. You knew what was coming or what to expect at least, but they wouldn't give it to you. They just drug it out, building that suspense and tension. Till finally at the end you got that payoff that they had been building you too.

darklordzor2196d ago

Yeah, this one is very much the same in that regard JL. They do a whole lot of building up, and I have to say that the 'security camera' system view they use is even more scary. It really feels like you're just sitting there in front of flipping security cameras, but the tension comes from knowing something is going to happen in them. Just as you think it will, you'll jump to a different view, with different lighting. It's interesting and really worked.

JL2196d ago

See, that's exactly what I loved about the first one. When it comes to horror movies, I much more prefer those psychological thriller/terror types movies. And PA did that well in that regard with the building, and you're anticipating, then...nothing. And they'd rinse and repeat, but slowly getting higher into the building each cycle. I think I'm definitely gonna have to check out PA2 maybe this Sunday after work (or hit a matinee on Monday).

Soldierone2196d ago

Yeah but thats not phsycological in my opinion. I mean building up is great, i love that, then nothing happens is even better. Like I liked how the first few times she just woke up or something and nothing happens. But then it just recycling the shot and setting up the camera, same noise, then bam it slowly builds. Its gets dull to me. Ill admit i busted up laughing at the door scene though.

This is also why I hated Devil. Same exact forumla, nothing creative about it at all. The only part in the first one that was creative was two things. One when the build up was the wind blowing in the room, things started moving, then the ghost came. Then the other part where it actually walks in the room and if you really pay attention you can see it walking in the room. I freaked me out and my GF is like "what?" she didnt see it walk in, i rewind it and point it out and she is like oh shiz!

darklordzor2195d ago

Yeah, at some points it does get annoying. Like this reviewer said, this could have easily been a 45 minute movie. But overall it's still worth the watching.

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Dark_Overlord2196d ago

it wasn't scary in the slightest, bored the hell outta me. I'm hoping this one is as good as the reviewer says :)