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Oliver Stone to Unveil 'History' in Cannes

Filmmaker Oliver Stone will introduce his new Showtime project "The Untold History Of The United States" to international buyers in Cannes Tuesday, Fremantle Enterprises global CEO David Ellender said Monday.

The director behind such projects as "Wall Street II," "Born On The Fourth Of July," and "JFK," will be interviewed in Cannes by Sir David Frost at a closed lunch for 150 international buyers and will talk about his passion for the 12-part series and his reasons for launching it.

The series is being distributed internationally by Fremantle Media Enterprises.

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elcompa4252995d ago

Like myself, I'd like to see where he goes with this. I'll certainly be tuning in. In addition, I'm hoping that he uncovers good ol Reagan and why he wasn't the greatest prez in the U.S. like some people saay....