Official Predators sequel...isn't what you expected

For fans wondering what happened to the film's survivors, Dark Horse has released an official sequel to the film in comic book form that explains what happens after the credits roll.

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josephgomez2442d ago

I still didn't buy into this movie. It felt like Predator 1 but without Arnold and without Carl Weathers.

barboza2442d ago

I've never been too big into comics, maybe that's why I actually enjoy the films a bit. I don't have set expectations.

darklordzor2442d ago

That's true, but it's a good ending to the movie. Makes me wish it would have just been added in there instead. I guess the more important news is that if they do make a movie sequel, it won't deal with this stuff. They'll move on to new things.

amsdesignphoto2440d ago

Like I used to watch and was somewhat into the X-MEN comics for a little bit..needless to say I was highly disappointed when I saw Rogue wasn't that red headed southern belle vixen. After all that, I stopped looking at any comics for the same reason. No expectations.

CMDobson2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I kindof agree with Barboza in that I liked comic books..when I read them, but I am not like my boyfriend who could tell you what was said in page 9 volume 3 of (insert comic name here). Therefore, I do not go in with expectations unless I read some things before the movie..which I am prone to research on occasion.

ASSASSYN 36o2441d ago

I loved it. And I believe the Predator at the end was a female given they are larger and significantly more brutal.

amsdesignphoto2440d ago

I need to see this film soon. Starting your own business is a nightmare and leaves no time for cool fun things like seeing this movie. I have to just go at some point.