Full 'Social Network' trailer finally shows some footage

The theatrical trailer for 'The Social Network' finally shows off some footage from the film. Despite being the first footage shown, it manages to feel like we've already seen it before...and better.

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josephgomez3071d ago

This is an intriguing trailer. The "Creep" song in choral form is haunting. Fingers crossed.

darklordzor3071d ago

Yeah the song is definitely a great part of this trailer, and in choir form, surprisingly creepy. Sounds almost like it should be on a horror movie instead.

CMDobson3071d ago

The song in choral form was definitely a plus for the trailer. It draws you in.

Montrealien3070d ago

David Fincher equals win all the time. At least for me.

amsdesignphoto3069d ago

Trailer was surprisingly good. I was worried at first but I might have to see this one.

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barboza3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

I agree that this is a very intriguing trailer. I think they've finally put something out there that will light an even bigger fire under the movie (although it doesn't need it). The best marketing this film could ever have is the fact that Facebook won't let them advertise it on the site and the simple fact that Mark Zuckerberg is known as the kid who turned down a billion dollars.